We help to engage the audience via voting,
synchronous broadcasting of the content
(slides, audio and video), questions to the speaker,
games, chats and other activities
No need to download anything - your personal
gadget is ready for WhenSpeak
How it works Start now
Perform Your presentation is to be seen even from the last row
Involve Communicate even with the shiest listeners
Analyze You feel and understand the audience better than anybody else
Influence Your ideas are easy to access from any part of the world in any language
Slides broadcasting
Synchronous slides broadcasting
to audience's mobile devices
Presentation is in your hands Participants of the event can see the presentation slides on their mobile devices and don't have to gaze at the public screen over a distance
Audience control Speaker can be sure that all the event participants are at the same slide, following the presentation on-line.
Handy access The participants can instantly join your presentation using a short link or a QR-code
Various content Broadcasting not only presentation, but also video or any other multimedia
Highlighting important aspects A speaker can draw upon slides and use a laser pointer to note the most important information
Questions to the speaker
Rating the questions to the speaker
according to their interestingness
Interactive feedback Every participant has an opportunity to ask the speaker on-line
Question rating An audience can vote for the most interesting questions, making a rating of the questions and getting answers they are really interested in
More active audience Participants are more active (according to our statistics there are approximately 3 times more questions compared to an event without WhenSpeak). Participants ask shorter and more distinct questions
Question moderation Questions can be moderated before they appear on of mobile devices
Audience involving via
on-line surveys
Variety of voting options There are four types of questions for voting (single answer, multiple answer, range, open question)
Individual and team voting, gamification Individual and team voting suitable for gamification (participants can be divided into teams and can take parts in interactive group games, e.g. football or ping-pong).
Audience surveys Launching multiple question surveys for event participants
Performance correcting Instant feedback helps to understand the audience and to align the performance with it
Additional options
for a successful event
Event timetable with a chat Event on-line timetable suitable for keyword search and adding selected performances to "favourites". Also there is a list of speakers and a possibility to communicate in public and private chats
Navigations Useful maps for route working out outside and inside the building
Checking-in for events Checking-in with the option of individual settings for different groups
Instant notifications The participants get instant notifications about the event
Advertising Advertising features in the application
Data collection and analysis of the audience
Analytics of the participants' total activity Participants' involvement level, collective and personal activity statistics
Voting analytics Voting detailed analysis (how the participants voted, voting time duration, correlations between the answers, level of knowledge, participant's involvement level)
Performance analytics Participants' response to a performance, presentation tracking, presentation troubleshooting, activity groups analysis
Feedback Getting feedback about the speaker's performance in the form of audience's ranking score
Unique features
New features to involve people
from all over the world
Automation of simultaneous interpreting Interpreting without using any special hardware (audio- and radio- guide)
Remote simultaneous interpreting Automatic translation or translation by a remote interpreter
Presentation on-line streaming Performance on-line broadcasting to involve everyone interested from any part of the word. The participants have an opportunity to vote, to take part in surveys, ask questions
Photostream and news feed Event participants can add photos, give comments and click the "like" button
How it works?
Create Create any content (presentations, pictures or video)
Upload Upload PowerPoint, pdf, jpg or video files to and get a short link to your streaming
Share Share your short link or QR-code among the audience and start your speech
Communicate Improve your performance by communicating with your audience, using WhenSpeak opportunities/span>
Who can use it?
Speakers You are a professional in your sphere, perform rather often and want not only to make your performances more interactive, but also to increase the audience
Event Organizers You want the event to be interesting, the audience to be in contact with the speakers of the conference, so all the participants get the maximum effect from the meeting
Teachers You are good at teaching but looking for new ways of communicating with the audience, for example with the help of on-line voting, getting questions from the audience, drawing upon live broadcasted slides, etc.
Businessmen You are looking for new ways of effective communication with the audience. Gain more understanding of your audience and sell more!
Our clients
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