Organize your work digitally without
loss of effectiveness

Strategy sessions
Job interviews
A web platform to help you organize and monitor employees’ remote work

Whenspeak event

Main functions
Video broadcasting
Broadcast in real time from anywhere in the world
Presentation slide shows
Start synchronized slide shows on any devices for all participants
Polls and surveys
Conduct polls and surveys, test your employees
Data repository
Upload and share files
Conduct voting and polls with just 2 clicks
Generate ideas in groups regardless of participants' locations
Organize and easily monitor employees’ remote work
Easy connection from any device
Online interactions
Use questions, polls and
conduct tests
Trainings and professional growth
Communication on the platform for managers and employees
Networking and communication
Analytics of connections, time spent on the platform, test results and feedback collection
Cross-cutting reports
Log in to the platform from a computer, tablet and smartphone via a browser using a 4-digit code
Flexible or easy access
One platform replaces up to 20 third-party services (data storages, polls, messengers, etc.)
Multiple functions
up to 30%
the increase of eNPS index
the average indicator of the platform usability
9.7 / 10
the increase of employee work efficiency in comparison with similar systems
Try WhenSpeak now.
Increase the efficiency of your employees’ remote work
You can use WhenSpeak for any event type
✓ Set up quick switching between lectures

✓ Save and open data for downloading without file hosting

✓ Organize chat networking

✓ Remind you about timing
✓ Simultaneously show presentations and videos on participants’ devices

✓ Help speakers communicate with participants

✓ Warm up your audience with interactive tools

✓ Collect feedback
✓ Organize online meetings from anywhere in the world

✓ Remind participants about meetings in advance

✓ Arrange brainstorming and collect all the ideas

✓ Anonymously collect participants’ questions and opinions
Briefings and meetings
Start monitoring your employees’ work remotely
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