Frequently Asked Questions
In this section we have collected the most frequently asked questions. You can quickly find the answer to your question here.
Is it possible to brand the application for my company?
Yes, we can upload a logo and change the color scheme according to your brand book. It is absolutely free.
What is the maximum number of users the platform is designed for?
The maximum number of participants is 5000.
Can I monitor the list of participants?
Yes. If the configured entrance to the platform is not anonymous, then you can track which participants joined the event.
Do I need to download something to use the platform?
You don't need to download anything, but the device must have an Internet connection. The platform works through a browser.
How much does the service cost?
The cost depends on the number of participants and the period of the platform use. Contact our specialists to learn more about the pricing.
What tools are there on the platform to engage participants?
We have voting, chats, questions to speakers, polls, gamification, brainstorming.
Do I have to create presentations directly on your platform?
You download a complete presentation in .pdf, .pptx, .jpeg, .png to the platform. Votes, polls and videos can be created on the platform.
How can I track the participants' involvement?
If the participants were authorized on the platform (they logged in not anonymously), then you can see how each participant acted in reports.
What events can be held on the platform?
Our platform let you hold events both offline and online and in a mixed format starting from webinars or meeting to major conferences.
How long is the link to enter the platform available?
The link is available during the period that the event moderator selects when setting up a room. See the instructions for more details.
Is there any question moderation provided?
Yes, you can enable question moderation in the platform settings. See the instructions for more details.
How many users can broadcast video simultaneously?
Currently we provide live streaming of one speaker only. An integrated video conferencing system is now under development. But we can integrate WhenSpeak with external services for video conferencing.
Is it possible to vote for the most interesting question on the platform?
Yes, the platform provides like-dislikes functionality for each question. The question with the highest number of likes is raised to the top of the rating.
How do participants connect to the platform?
To connect an event a participant enters a 4-digit room code on the main page of the site.
What is the difference between a test and a survey?
A survey is a series of polls, and a test is a series of polls with correct answers.
How can I grant points for a correct answer in a test?
Points are available only within the WhenSpeak Plus package; you can specify how many points you need to grant for a correct answer and specify the correct one by clicking on the checkmark to the left of the option in the advanced settings when creating a test.
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